Why use Ermes

Ermes is the best AR communication technology in the market

Effective communication, Efficient operation

Made for industries

Company control with admin panel

Profiles with permission accesses

Simplify remote customer support

Faster technical training

3D visual tool for commercial teams

Admin Control

Company control with admin panel

Customized solutions

Profiles with permission accesses​

Simple requests

iOS, Android, and work with 4G and wifi

Use Ermes for Customer Support

Simplify remote customer support​

Use Ermes for Technical training

Faster technical training​


3D visual tool for commercial teams

What you can do

AR Calls

A video call with the added capability to draw or write anything you want in your environment. Remote experts use it to give remote support to field technicians.

Live Video and Chat

Firstly, call a colleague to a video call, and share your camera view in real time.  In other words, your friend see what you see.

Draw in the environment

Secondly, start drawing upon your view. You can highlight objects, insert and erase text and arrows, in order to exchange instructions with your colleague.

Easy to use and precise

In conclusion, both users can easily anchor annotations in the environment and surfaces. All annotations stay in the right place. 

Live annotations that stay in place. You have absolute control of what and where you draw.

Record off

Prepare training videos with AR technologies for your staff that reduces training time and cost, and deliver a better level of service to your customers and frontline technicians.

Prepare your tutorial

Firstly, you prepare your own tutorial by drawing upon your environment, highlighting objects and placing arrows and texts around you and your products.

Import 3D models and files

Secondly, you can import 3D models and place links to your documents directly in your environment, to support your explanation.

Record and share AR videos

After all, record a video interacting with your environment and annotations and share the video as you want with your colleagues, groups, case rooms

Make AR tutorials to show recurring subjects. Or AR videos when you have connectivity issues.


Now you can utilize and manage your company’s assets and data to maximise results.

Direct contact or Group

Chat direct messages to your colleagues or company groups.

Internal Files

Share your company’s assets to maximise results. The company can manage the files available for each user role.

Case room

Open a chat about specific issues and interact with different technicians until you solve the case.

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