Augmented Communication

for your business

Ermes Augmented Assistance application

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Effective communication, Efficient operation

Made for industries

Company control with admin panel

Profiles with permission accesses

Simplify remote customer support

Faster technical training

3D visual tool for commercial teams

What you can do

AR Calls

A video call with the added capability to draw or write anything you want in you and your callers live environment.

Draw in the environment

You can magic draw in the
environment, highlight objects,
insert and erase text and arrows.

Live Video and Chat

Communicate in real time with
chat, video and audio, during the call.

User friendly

Analyzes and recognizes the surfaces of your environment, with depth and anchoring.


Now you can utilize and manage your company’s assets and data to maximise results.

Direct or Group

Chat direct messages to
colleagues or company
departments groups and areas.

Internal Files

Utilize and manage your
company’s assets and data to
maximise results.

Case room

Open a chat about specific
issues and interact with different
technicians until you solve them.

Record off

Prepare training videos with AR technologies for your staff that reduces training time and cost, and deliver a better level of service to your customers and frontline technicians.

Record AR Videos

Show problems when you have no
internet signal or make tutorials
for recurring issues for clients.

Import 3D models

Import 3d models into the
recording and interact with the
real environment.


Share your videos with your
colleagues, groups, case rooms
and clients.


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