AR Call

Direct Call

What is AR Call

A video call with the added capability to draw or write anything you want in your environment. Remote experts use it to give remote support to field technicians.AR Call is a video call empowered with Augmented Reality (AR) features.

Users can solve issues remotely by drawing annotations upon the environment in real time. Ermes gives you total precision, and you can draw in a big scene or in small details. Annotations stay in place with stability. You can solve issues precisely in seconds.

AR Call is not like a video call. A video call only offers the possibility to watch someone's video while using the audio features. Ermes AR Call uses video calling as a base where you can interact by drawing on that environment, in real time and realistically.

Two users can be on a call: the person who shows the camera view, called local user, and the other person who receives the camera view, called remote user.

Which are the AR features?

As soon as you get inside the AR Call, both users can start drawing in the environment.

Ermes gives users easy-to-draw features. With the arrow feature, your lines are converted to arrows. With the shape feature, Ermes recognises the shape you are drawing and auto-correct them to their perfect form (now applied only to circles).

Users can select the eraser and cancel the exact draws they don't need, with no impact to the other draws.

As a video call, users can talk using audio. Ermes makes use of the loudspeaker mode, since users shouldn't put the device close to the ears. You can also plug headphones.

Useful for noisy environments, users can use the chat during the AR Call. The chat was designed in order to keep watching the call while chatting, and the AR features can be used normally by the other user while chatting.

Which are the anchor system?

Yes. Ermes indicates the surfaces recognised in your environment (walls, tables, floors, etc...) with a purple line around them. If you can recognise a surface, you can draw upon it, immediately.

You can click in the AR Mode button (at the bottom right) to change to the manual mode. Then, you can setup the distance (from your camera onwards) where you want to draw.