Support Material

What is Record Off

Prepare training videos with AR technologies for your staff that reduces training time and cost, and deliver a better level of service to your customers and frontline technicians.

The Record Off lets you use a set of AR features to draw annotations upon your  environment. Then you can record a video and share it with your contacts.

The Record Off was designed to work with bad connectivity. Users can draw annotations and save videos without connection. You only need some connectivity to share the video file with someone. 

  1. As you move around Ermes recognises surfaces where you can draw, and indicates them with the red lines
  2. Once the red lines surrounds the surface you want to draw, just swipe your finges on the screen to draw
  3. Use the other drawing features that you find in the top menu
  4. Draw as much as you want until you are ready to register
  1. Go to AR Call at the bottom bar
  2. Click on the filter Case Room.
  3. You’ll find a list of all the rooms you created or received.
  4. Click on the room you want to close. 
  5. Under Status, check the option Finish Case Room
  6. Write down the solution
  7. Click in Finish Case Room

After saving the video, you can share it using your apps. Here you will need some connectivity in order to send the file.

The AR features

The Augmented Reality features are those that allow you to draw upon an environment. Check below how to use them:

The red lines indicate the surfaces that Ermes recognised in your environment (walls, tables, floors, etc...). If you can recognise a surface, you can draw upon it, immediately.

Yes. You can click in the AR Mode button (at the bottom right) to change to the manual mode. Then, you can setup the distance (from your camera onwards) where you want to draw.